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For over 20 years I have been directing multi-award winning capital campaigns, raising millions in major gifts for some of Australia's most iconic charities and not for profit organisations.

As independent fundraising counsel I help you achieve campaign success by developing a unique and compelling case for support that leads to extraordinary giving.

Innovative, unique and results oriented

The stories behind the logo and app

Social Venture Consultants established itself as an innovative, unique and a results oriented consultancy. The stencils below represent strategic counsel, growth and capital works. These images contained by irregular shapes which wave back and forth represent movement while orange was chosen for its boldness.

When creating My Major GiftGetter – an app which helps fundraisers plan smart, work clever and get more major gifts, Rodin’s classic image was retained to illustrate the need for those involved in major gift fundraising to think carefully.

The thinker

As a key innovator in modern art, Auguste Rodin’s (1840-1917) “The Thinker” was chosen to represent a commitment to strategy, innovation and tailored solutions.


This stencil of a vine stretching and expanding represents growth. A stretch gift is at the heart of any capital campaign.


The strong figure holding a brick speaks to the human capital necessary to make any campaign a success.

How to adapt your major gifts program in a post COVID-19 environment Mark Quigley, Director
Delivering campaign success & multi-award winning results


Capital campaign and major gift fundraising success has earned Mark considerable industry recognition and awards. This success has also attracted opportunities for Mark to share his insights and expertise through publication in various fundraising and philanthropy magazines and speaking invitations to Australian and international fundraising conferences.

FIA logo

In 2014 Social Venture Consultants founder and director Mark Quigley, was awarded the fundraising profession’s highest honour and admitted as Fellow of the Fundraising Institute of Australia. The awards below are for capital campaigns and major gift appeals.

6 capital campaign and major gift awards so far...


Sydney’s leading capital campaign consultant

Mark Quigley

Mark Quigley

Mark is Sydney’s top capital campaign consultant. His multi-award winning campaigns have for over 20 years, raised millions for iconic and lesser known charities. As founder and director of Social Venture Consultants (SVC) Mark personally oversees each capital campaign bringing his unmatched local experience, networks and knowledge to bear for diverse causes across Sydney.

A strong track record of fundraising success has resulted in Mark often being asked to say a few words on capital campaigns, major gifts, government engagement and philanthropy. Mark’s featured in numerous publications including: Fundraising & Philanthropy Magazine, Wealth Creator Magazine, Fundraising Journal NZ and Fundraising Success Magazine.

Mark has attended the University Of Indiana (USA) – School of Philanthropy Fundraising Course, was a Yale University (USA) Yale In Asia Program participant and holds a Bachelor’s degree from Carleton University (Canada). Over two decades Mark has been active within the fundraising industry and particularly supportive of the Fundraising Institute of Australia (FIA) where he has been a member of the NSW Executive, delivered certificate courses, presented at national and international conferences and was Chairman of the FIA’s International Fundraising Conference (2013). In 2014, Mark was awarded the fundraising profession’s highest honour and admitted as a Fellow of the Fundraising Institute Australia.

Mark lives in Sydney with his wife and two children.